Trump Slams Putin, Announces New Sanctions

The Trump administration on Friday sanctioned nearly 40 Russian government officials, oligarchs and the businesses they own or control in its latest round of sanctions leveled in response to Moscow’s aggression.

Friday’s sanctions, which target Russian security services, energy czars and weapons companies, come in response to Russia’s “malign activity across the world,” a senior administration official said, noting Russia’s occupation of Crimea in Ukraine, support of the Bashar Assad dictatorship in Syria, subversion of Western democracies and continued belligerent cyber attacks.

In total, the administration sanctioned 38 Russian entities, including seven oligarchs and the 12 companies they own or manage, 17 government officials, a state-owned arms company and its subsidiary bank.

Friday’s sanctions take aim at Russia’s energy sector. Alexey Miller, chairman of Russia’s powerful state-run oil company Gazprom, was individually sanctioned, as was Gazprom’s oil and gas exploration wing Gazprom Burenie.

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