Democrats, Get Ready to Lose Your ‘Collusion’ Conspiracies

What happens if President Trump is innocent?

The Washington Post recently reported that special counsel Robert Mueller has informed Trump’s attorneys that the president isn’t considered a target of a criminal investigation. If, after more than a year, a team of seasoned and aggressive investigators with nearly unlimited access and autonomy couldn’t dig up any substantial evidence linking the president to criminality, the idea that Trump will be implicated by Mueller, much less face an indictment, is farfetched.

And the dream of impeachment? Well, that would probably die, as well.

Much of the case for the impeachment of Trump is tethered to the alleged illegitimacy of his election — and much of that case relies on the findings of the Mueller investigation. Judging from the reaction we’ve seen so far to the reports that Trump is merely a subject, but not a target, of the special counsel, it seems most Democrats haven’t fully prepared themselves for the eventuality that the investigation may end up vindicating Trump.

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