How a Liberal Overreach on Guns is Giving the GOP New Life

Let’s start with the basic premise that the GOP establishment is terrible, and as its defining characteristic, its cowardice is only overshadowed by its sheer incompetence. But even those hacks might be able to win the midterms and keep hope alive for the resurrection of the America we love. It’s all thanks to the aggressive scumminess of our leftist enemies – and yeah, anyone proposing to take my God-given rights to speak, worship, and defend myself, and/or my life, all of which they have recently told me they seek to take, is my enemy.

After the groveling cave that was the Omnibust, many of us were completely demoralized and ready to toss in the towel. The Fredocons were delighted, their dream of a return to relevance and power seemingly within reach once the people these rubes, hicks, and upstarts elected get booted out of office. The Democrats were giddy. But fortunately, the Democrat establishment is even dumber than the GOP establishment. They and their liberal media pals immediately decided to push the Junior Red Guards to the forefront and, joined by an ancient and silly former Supreme Court justice writing in the New York Times, demand that we give up our guns.

We noticed, despite Chris “Fredo (but not -con)” Cuomo’s bizarre denial that anyone wanted to repeal the Second Amendment when people were saying they wanted to repeal the Second Amendment right to our faces.

Oh boy, did we ever notice. And we also saw that these people were not just intent on leaving us disarmed – they wanted us silenced too. They demanded we sit quietly as the Junior Commissars led the show trial against us, convicting us of having blood on our hands for things we didn’t do. They freaked out that Kevin Williamson got a gig at the Atlantic. And they tried to drive Laura Ingraham off the air. But hey, I bet they’ll totally respect our civil rights once we are disarmed and they have a monopoly on force.

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