GOP Bill Promises to Stop Illegal Immigrants From Disappearing

Sen. James Inhofe said he will introduce legislation aimed at preventing illegal immigrants who make it over the U.S. border from disappearing into the country due to overcrowded detention centers.

Inhofe said U.S. detention facilities release thousands of illegal immigrants into the United States with a court date with an immigration judge, and they almost never return to attend.

“What they should do is send them back to the country they came from until their court date,” the Oklahoma Republican told the Washington Examiner. “But as it is now, they just give them a court date and they turn them over to church groups and others and they just disappear and they end up in our society.”

Inhofe spent the day Monday near Brownsville, Texas, along the southern border. He met with officials at the Port Isabel Service Processing Center in Los Fresnos. The 1,200-bed facility receives illegal immigrants who make it over.

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