Famous Conservative Sounds the Alarm After Key Election Results

The results from PA-18 are still unknown.

That’s bad news for Republicans.

1. Democrats Have A MAJOR Enthusiasm Advantage. President Trump visited the district. Republicans poured money into the district. It didn’t seem to help very much. In the seven special elections in 2017, Democrats gained on their 2016 and 2012 results, according to FiveThirtyEight.com, by an average of 16%. Just one of those seats ended up shifting to Democrats thanks to the heavy Republican constituency of the seats in the first place, just as Saccone may end up winning after all in PA-18. But there are 118 seats held by Republicans that Trump won by fewer than 20 points — and Democrats need to pick up just 24 of them.

2. Trump’s Popularity Matters. Republicans should be expected to lose seats in the first off-year election of a Republican president. But they should be expected to do better than average when the economy is booming and we’re not suffering any serious foreign policy crisis. That’s not happening. In fact, Republicans are wildly underperforming across the country — as of February, Democrats had flipped 35 state legislature seats, including a blue wave in Virginia. Presidents with low approval ratings drag their parties with them in off-year elections. Trump isn’t coming close to cracking 50%.

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