Democrats Favorability Plummets

Intriguing tidbits from the week in election surveys and public opinion polls:

The Lesser of Two Evils: There is good news and bad news for Democrats in the newest Quinnipiac University survey. The bad: The favorable rating of the Democratic Party has hit an all-time low. Just 31 percent of Americans say they view the party favorably, while 52 percent view it unfavorably. That’s a far cry from the 55 percent favorable rating the party enjoyed when Barack Obama took office in 2009. The good? Despite the drop in favorability, Democrats still enjoy a healthy advantage over Republicans on the generic ballot question. When asked which party they’d like to see win control of the House, 48 percent said the Democrats, 38 percent said the GOP, and 15 percent were undecided. Overall, Democrats lead the 2018 Generic Ballot by 8.9 percentage points in the RCP Average.

Afraid or Not of the NRA? The same Quinnipiac poll showed that 60 percent of Americans believe the NRA has “too much influence over politicians.” A follow-up question probed whether the public thought both parties and the president were “afraid of the NRA or not.” Forty-nine percent said Democrats were afraid of the NRA, while 54 percent said Republicans were. But for President Trump, only 31 percent said he was afraid of the powerful organization while 65 percent said he was not – including 92 percent of Republicans, 66 percent of Independents, and 39 percent of Democrats.

Asia Up, Russia Down: According to a recent Gallup survey, Americans’ views of China and Japan have climbed to new heights this year. A record 87 percent of Americans now view Japan favorably, a rating so high only Australia, Great Britain and Canada have scored higher in the survey’s 40-year history. China also reached a new high with 53 percent, making it the first time in nearly 30 years a majority of the American public has viewed that country favorably.

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