ANOTHER Dem Admits to Palling Around With Farrakhan

Rep. Andre Carson appeared on FOX 59 today, and was asked directly by Angela Ganote about the accusations against him regarding his meeting with Louis Farrakhan, a known anti-Semite and bigot.

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) has called for the resignation of Carson, along with six other Democratic members of Congress, for associating with Farrakhan who has a long history of disparaging remarks and hate against Jews, homosexuals, white people and others. Those members of Congress are Carson, and emocratic Representatives Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison, Danny Davis, Al Green, Barbara Lee and Gregory Meeks.

WIBC host Tony Katz has been very vocal in his opposition to Carson for multiple instances of bad judgement, and his willingness to work with a bigot like Farrakhan.

In the interview with Ganote, Rep. Carson dismissed the RJC, claiming they “hold no credibility.” He then admitted that he, and the Congressional Black Caucus, have met with Farrakhan to work on “anti-crime” and “discrimination” efforts:

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