Meet the One-Eyed, Terrorist Killing Badass Running for Congress

Washington, D.C. — Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL veteran who lost his right eye in an IED blast, is looking for a new foray into public service after serving four deployments in the Middle East: politics.

Thirty-three-year-old Crenshaw is not your typical, inside-the-beltway candidate, but that isn’t stopping him from throwing his name in open race to fill the vacancy left by outgoing GOP Rep. Ted Poe of Texas. Unlike the challengers he faces, Crenshaw isn’t a titan of industry, a doctor, trial lawyer or investment banker, and he doesn’t come from a political background — a factor that could prove beneficial in both a state and an era that elected President Donald Trump, who famously ran for office as a Washington outsider promising to “drain the swamp.”

A sixth generation Texan, he, like Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, decided to serve in the military and fight overseas in the Iraq War. From an early age, he says he knew he wanted to be a Navy SEAL, a vision he attributes both to the strength of his late mother during her battle with breast cancer and a book from a former SEAL about patriotism, heroism and the call to serve.

Crenshaw completed four tours in the Middle East, including stints in Fallujah and the Helmand province of Afghanistan, where an IED blast cost him his right eye.

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