LOL, Dems Think Their 2018 Secret Weapon is Crooked Hillary

To be honest, it’s been tough to believe that Republicans can pull off a miracle in the midterms this year to hold onto the House. Yes, the polls show a GOP rebound in the generic ballot, and yes, Nancy Pelosi seems intent on making snobbery the central Democratic Party theme for the election. Donald Trump’s approval rating has even begun climbing again.

I want to believe, I really do. But it wasn’t until this morning’s Washington Post report that I really began to see a permanent Republican majority, or something:

What could go wrong — for Republicans? Nothing, really. Democrats have insisted that they want to make the 2018 midterms a referendum on Trump. What better way to do that than to highlight the woman who not only managed to lose an election to him but for months afterward was even less well liked that he was? Hillary managed to insult half the country with her “deplorables” remark, a revealing look at her snobbery that voters will not soon forget — certainly not in just two years.

Furthermore, asking Hillary to boost “organizing at grass-roots level” is somewhat akin to making Sid Blumenthal the Minister of Transparency. Don’t Democrats remember her performance in grassroots organizing in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? They might get a rude reminder if they rely on Hillary for their election fortunes again.

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