Conservative Blogger Considers Bid

Far-right activist and blogger Mike Cernovich said Thursday he’s thinking about running for Congress in California this year. “It’s looking like a real possibility,” he tweeted to his more than 400,000 followers without revealing which district he might be considering.

Cernovich lives in Laguna Niguel, within the coastal Orange County district that belongs to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who has said he’s “unequivocally running” for reelection.

Cernovich said in an interview that he wouldn’t run for Rohrabacher’s seat “under any circumstances,” adding that he respects the Republican congressman. He suggested he could run for Rep. Paul Cook’s seat 102 miles northeast of his home, but only if the 74-year-old Republican decides to retire.

“Can I take on the Republican Party machine? Get real. No. Zero percent,” said Cernovich, who is registered as an independent. “But if there are 10 people running in the primary and the establishment is split among them, I’m competitive in a 10-way knife fight. Then we’re in the game.”

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