Dems Will Get Republicans Elected Thanks To Last Night’s Tantrums

I get that Democrats hate Trump to the point of hysterics. I get that they still can’t wrap their heads around Hillary Clinton’s loss. I get that all their hopes and dreams that rode on the 2016 elections were dashed on the rocks, and their party left in shambles. I get all of that.

But last night’s display of utter contempt from the Democrats was beyond disgusting. Not because they showed that contempt for Trump — that I can understand, being of the opposing party — but it was the fact that they put the American people in the crossfire while they relayed their disdain.

As Tipping Point’s Liz Wheeler pointed out, the list of things Democrats should have stood and celebrated along with the rest of the room but didn’t was too long, and too poignant.

A couple highlights on that list to show you how awful it actually got…

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