REPORT: Dem Mega-Donors In Deep Trouble

In 2012, conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was prosecuted and convicted for giving a handful of associates money they then contributed to a political candidate of his preference. These “straw man” contributions landed D’Souza eight months in a community confinement center and five years of probation.

How much money was involved in this indiscretion? Only $20,000. That’s right: D’Souza landed eight months confinement and five years of probation for a $20,000 campaign finance violation.

The Democrats’ response? Hold my beer.

The Committee to Defend the President has filed a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint against Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her “Joint Fundraising Committee” (the Hillary Victory Fund), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), dozens of Democratic state parties, and Democratic mega-donors. As various outlets have reported, we documented the Democratic establishment “us[ing] state chapters as straw men to circumvent campaign donation limits and launder the money back to [Clinton’s] campaign.” The 101-page complaint detailed how Hillary Victory—the $500 million joint fundraising effort between the Clinton campaign, DNC, and state parties—did exactly what the Supreme Court deemed illegal in its 2014 McCutcheon v. FEC ruling. (As Shaun McCutcheon’s lawyer in the case, I should know!)

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