GOP Lawmaker Used Taxpayer Money In Messy Settlement

Rep. Patrick Meehan, R- Pa., acknowledged Tuesday that he told an aide of his that she was “a soul mate,” but denied that his actions were considered harassment.

The married Republican congressman, who said he intends to run for reelection, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that he “developed an affection” for his younger aide, but never pursued a romantic relationship with her.

However, Meehan, 62, admitted he reacted “selfishly” when he found out the longtime aide was in a serious relationship with another man. The congressman said that he lashed out at the aide in his office, which he attributed to a tense period around House votes on health care legislation.

Meehan, according to The Inquirer, said he felt “invited” to express his feelings to the woman, and invited her out for ice cream. The two hugged, “maybe longer that night than needed to be,” Meehan said.