Wisconsin Election A DIRE Wake-Up Call For Republicans?

On Tuesday, Democrats picked up a state Senate seat in Wisconsin in a special election. So what? This district was heavily Republican — Trump won the district in 2016 by 17 points, and the former Republican representative, who just vacated her seat to become Governor Scott Walker’s agriculture secretary, won the seat in 2016 by 26%.

On Tuesday, the Democrat, Patty Scachtner, won the district by a whopping nine points. As Huffington Post reports, “with the win in Wisconsin, there are 34 districts that have flipped from red to blue since Trump’s inauguration.” Governor Walker signaled his concern:

Daniel Nichanian, a postdoctoral student at University of Chicago, tweeted out additional results from last night:

Harry Enten of FiveThirtyEight also suggested that Republicans are in trouble:

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