Congressman Enters Senate Race With White House Support

Josh Mandel’s sudden exit from Ohio’s Senate race later this year left a lot of conservatives scrambling. Mandel’s family is facing a health crisis, preventing the State Treasurer and Marine from continuing his campaign. With little time to establish name ID, many wondered if Governor John Kasich would jump into the race, as Allahpundit wrote.

When Mandel left the race, Cleveland businessman Mike Gibbons was left as the only pseudo credible candidate in the race. But, Gibbons lacks recognition among voters and many conservatives question if he is perhaps too aligned with Kasich.

The gaping problem facing Ohio Republicans has been resolved with the candidacy of Jim Renacci. The Congressman from Wadsworth is currently a candidate for Governor is switching gears and running for United States Senate instead. This will solve two problems. Republicans will have a credible candidate to battle Sherrod Brown this fall and it also helps lighten the crowded field for the gubernatorial primary.

The Ohio Republican had meetings at the White House this week to discuss the idea of switching races. Having the backing of President Trump is a shot in the arm to a new Senatorial campaign. Renacci supported Trump during the primary at a time when elected Ohio Republicans were bullied into supporting John Kasich’s struggling campaign.

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