Did Oprah Pimp Out Actress To ‘Handsy’ Harvey?!

Disgraced Hollywood kingmaker Harvey Weinstein used his friendship with Oprah Winfrey to seduce young women, claims a British actress.

Actress Kadian Noble, who is one of several women suing Weinstein for sexual harassment, claims that she first met Weinstein at an event in London in 2014 – where his close friend Oprah was “swinging off his arm.”

According to Noble, Weinstein used his friendship with both Oprah to “groom” Noble –convincing her that he would help her career. She later met with Weinstein in a hotel room to show him her “showreel,” where he pressured Noble into having sex.

“I thought, obviously, this man has something amazing in store for me,” said Noble, in a press conference after she filed her lawsuit against Weinstein. “I feel completely played.”

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