Meet The Conservative Who Could Beat Hillary’s VP

Republicans are anxious to unseat former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine from his Virginia Senate seat in November, and top conservatives in the upper chamber have been quick to throw their support behind Del. Nick Freitas in his quest to secure the GOP nomination.

Just weeks after announcing his bid, Freitas — a libertarian-leaning Republican, former Green Beret and father of three — has already managed to lock down the endorsement of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and receive campaign guidance from Utah Sen. Mike Lee after touting his legislative record and dedication to upholding the Constitution.

“Being able to get the endorsement of Sen. Rand Paul is not only important to me from a campaign perspective, but it’s important me from on a personal level as well because I really see Rand as someone that’s been a champion of individual liberty even when it requires taking on your own party,” he told The Daily Caller.

Virginia Rep. Dave Brat, a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus — who opts against endorsing in primaries, citing a belief “cronies shouldn’t pick winners and losers” and the people should decide — said he’s impressed with Freitas’ legislative accomplishments on the state level.

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