How Conservatives Packed 2017 With Big Wins

With a wild 2017 behind us, conservatives looking to 2018 face typical electoral headwinds for a midterm majority party in the White House and Congress. That’s why building on successes and learning from difficulties this year are key to preserving a policy agenda that protects our free and open society.

Whether it’s stellar judicial nominees (at all levels), tax reform, Internet freedom, energy policy and foreign policy developments like defeating ISIS, Jerusalem’s embassy designation and North Korea sanctions, the Trump administration repeatedly made right policy calls in 2017. I hope these policy calls continue in 2018.

In 2017, we also saw conservatives paring back an unwieldy regulatory state, a state which my former colleague Wayne Crews at the Competitive Enterprise Institute estimates took a $1.9 trillion drag on the 2016 economy. Through the leadership of Neomi Rao at the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, as well Congress’ efforts through the Congressional Review Act, the Trump administration estimates the economic regulatory cost savings will be $9.8 billion in FY 2018. As The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes, “The deregulation effort ranks with judicial confirmations and tax reform as the main Trump achievements of the year.” Let’s hope this progress continues in 2018 and beyond.

Conservatives now have the task of explaining how these policy changes will improve voters’ lives heading into 2018 elections. They can add to their street cred through 2018 policy victories on infrastructure rebuilding (while ensuring its doesn’t add to the deficit via cuts elsewhere), entitlement and immigration reform and education system overhaul.

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