Taxpayer-Subsidized Conman Gets THIS Much Of Your $

The National Endowment for the Humanities is giving over $50,000 for a study on propaganda to a philosopher who thinks watching Fox News can brainwash liberals.

The project, “Propaganda and Belief in the Modern World,” is a book-length study on the “psychology of belief formation.” Eric Mandelbaum, a “philosopher and cognitive scientist” at City University of New York, received fellowship funding in the NEH’s latest round of grants under the Trump administration.

Mandelbaum writes that “one can end up believing anything” in an article that concludes liberals can be brainwashed by watching Fox News.

“How can human beings, seemingly the smartest animals ever encountered, be so freaking dumb?” Mandelbaum muses on his “about me” page of his website, which he calls, “Thoughts about thoughts.”

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