Census Numbers Benefit Red States BIG TIME

Sun Belt states are likely to gain seats and influence in Congress after the next U.S. Census, according to yearly population growth estimates released this week.

Southern and Western states growing fast enough to gain new seats in the House of Representatives will take those seats from states in the Rust Belt and the Upper Midwest, where population growth has slowed as economic opportunities have moved elsewhere.

The Texas delegation stands to gain three seats after the 2020 Census, bringing its total to 39, according to an analysis conducted by demographer Kimball Brace at the firm Election Data Services. That would mark the fourth consecutive reapportionment process in which Texas gains multiple seats.

Florida has grown fast enough to earn two new seats, growing its delegation to 29 members. That would make Florida’s delegation the third-largest in the House, surpassing New York for the first time. Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina and Oregon are all expected to add one seat to their delegations, if current population trends hold.

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