VA Recount Leaves Race Tied. Literally.

A three-judge panel has ruled that a Virginia state House race has ended in a tie one day after a recount appeared to show the Democratic candidate defeating the Republican incumbent by a single vote.

According to the Virginian Pilot, the three-judge panel, which was convened to certify the results of the recount in Virginia’s 94th District, agreed to examine a ballot that had been ruled as invalid during the recount after an official wrote a letter to the court saying the ballot should have been counted for Republican incumbent Del. David Yancey (R).

“The court declares there is no winner in this election,” Circuit Court Judge Bryant L. Sugg said after the deliberation, according to The Washington Post.

The ballot reportedly was filled in for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie, as well as the two GOP candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general. The ballot had bubbles filled in for both Yancey and Democratic challenger Shelly Simonds, but the bubble for Simonds had a slash through it, according to the Daily Press.

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