Keep BIG GOVT. Out Of The Sky

There’s an assault on your ability to fly happening right now – and it’s being led by top figures of the defeated Hillary Clinton campaign.

Any student of economics can tell you that in a truly competitive market, multiple suppliers trip over each other to give consumers the best product. When this happens, consumers win, because no one is charging them an arm or an eye to get what they want. People like Hilary Rosen, Jim Messina, and Philippe Reines want to shut down Open Skies and prevent competition, joined by their lobbyist pals and Democrat special interest groups.

Open sky agreements free up aviation markets and reduce government diktats on air transportation like passenger, cargo, and charter services. When these agreements are in effect, they expand the availability of passenger and cargo flights to and from the United States. If you want your Amazon shipping costs to be lower, Open Skies helps directly. If you want to fly to your favorite vacation destination, Open Skies gives you better options.

Over the last 16 years, the U.S airline market went from 10 major airlines to only four that control 80% of the market. What have we also seen these last 16 years? Fare increases, less comfortable space, more baggage fees and no real improvement in service for consumers.

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