Conservatives Sue Major University For THIS

Students at the University of Virginia have put their administration on notice, giving them just five days to recognize their student group on campus after being denied the ability to operate on campus grounds because of their commitment to conservative beliefs.

The student group in question is the Young Americans for Freedom which represents college chapters of the Young America’s Foundation. It was denied due to their requirement that chapter members and leaders affirm the Sharon Statement.

Drafted at the home of William F. Buckley, the Sharon Statement has been called a “seminal document” of the conservative movement by the New York Times, was championed by Ronald Reagan, and helped guide Republican leadership in the 1980s.

“Administrators bizarrely labeled YAF a ‘political’ group and then discriminated against YAF for requiring members and officers to affirm these basic conservative beliefs. Virginia law expressly prohibits universities from discriminating against a religious or political student group because they limit membership to those who hold the group’s religious or political views,” according to a press release from Young America’s Foundation.

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