Judge Lets DNC Depose Trump’s Ex-Spokeman

A federal judge said Wednesday that he’ll allow the Democratic National Committee to depose Sean Spicer, the former Republican National Committee communications director and White House spokesman, on whether he violated a 35-year-old consent decree barring the RNC from engaging in ballot security or voter suppression efforts.

But the judge, Michael Vazquez, denied a DNC request for an evidentiary hearing on whether the RNC violated the consent decree.

The consent decree, which originated from RNC actions in New Jersey’s 1981 gubernatorial election, is set to expire on Friday, but its future is uncertain. Vazquez said he’s not yet ready to rule on whether it will expire on Friday.

“I’m going to reserve on the drop dead date of the consent decree and we’ll go from there,” Vazquez, who was nominated to the bench by President Barack Obama, said during a conference call with attorneys for both parties.

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