Women Point The Finger At TWO More Dems

Two more Democrats are being drawn into the recent avalanche of tawdry scandals: Rep. Al Green (D-Tex.) and Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.)

Grijalva reportedly approved a disgruntled senior staffer’s $48,395 “severance package” after she accused the Arizona Democrat of frequently showing up to work drunk and creating a hostile work environment.

The accuser has not been named but worked for Grijalva for just three months before getting the hefty payout, which is being described by the media as “hush money” to get her to drop her embarrassing complaint. Hardworking taxpayers like you and I made this settlement possible.

In a statement, Grijalva admitted to the payoff but categorically denied that any sexual harassment occurred. He did not comment on whether or not he arrived at the office drunk.

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