Watching Biden Invade Young Girls’ Personal Space Will SHOCK You

As the Great Threshing of the establishment’s plain-sight-hidden sexual predators continues apace, the country will move on from simply being disgusted with our formerly-beloved entertainers.

What is likely to happen both next and in concert, is the much more difficult task of rebuking and dethroning our cherished and revered figures of authority.

This is already happening to some extent. Republican, former judge, and accused child molester Roy Moore could possibly do the unthinkable: lose an open Senate election in Alabama to a Democrat who resembles Atticus Finch.

Oppositely, and perhaps even more astonishing, murmurs of the unthinkable are also emanating from within the Democratic Party and professional liberals alike. That is, some honest denizens of the center-left space are suggesting that Bill Clinton‘s history of sexual predation–including allegations of rape–finally be reckoned with.

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