Frustrated Voters Send GOP A Clear Message

There is no nice way to spin it. Republicans were shellacked in Tuesday’s off-year elections.

In Virginia, Democratic candidate for governor Ralph Northam clobbered Republican candidate Ed Gillespie by nine points. The Republican supermajority in the Virginia House of Delegates was annihilated, with control of the lower house of the state legislature left up to a handful of races that are still too close to call. Suffice to say, as LevinTV host Mark Levin noted, “Democrats won big in Virginia.”

They won elsewhere too. Republican governor Chris Christie will be succeeded by a Democrat in New Jersey. Democrats won mayoral races in Charlotte, N.C., and St. Petersburg, Fla. In Maine, liberal policies won, with voters approving a ballot measure to expand Medicaid. This was a rout.

As we move away from “what happened” to ask “why it happened,” everyone seems to have a simple answer. The mainstream media and NeverTrump pundits want to pin Republican losses solely on President Donald Trump. In their telling, Ed Gillespie tried to run a Trump-inspired and racially tinged campaign against illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities and failed miserably, demonstrating that “Trumpism” is an electoral loser.

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