Dem Operatives Work With Serial Rapist To Quiet Victims

There are very few ways to adequately summarize the mindblowing allegations in a brand-new New Yorker article that reports Harvey Weinstein engaged in an ornate plot to discredit, intimidate and stop accusers from stepping forward (RELATED: Sexual Harassment Charges Just Ruined This Anti-Trump Lib). Hiring an intelligence firm named Black Cube (comprised of former Mossad and other Israeli intel agents) to use false identities to meet with journalists and alleged victims? Check. Attempting to squash the New York Times’ bombshell sexual harassment report? Check. Relying on massive corporate firms to dig up discrediting information on accusers? Check. Relying on high-profile attorneys…check.

The names Davie Boies and Lisa Bloom are going to sound similar.

Boies played no small role in American history: He represented Democratic candidate Al Gore in the 2000 Supreme Court case Bush v. Gore. The New Yorker report said he signed the contract ordering Black Cube to uncover information stopping the Times from publishing it’s story about Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment. That’s not necessarily what makes this problematic for him, however. It’s this: At the time, his law firm Boies Schiller Flexner represented the Times in a libel lawsuit.

He denied this was a conflict of interest.

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