Liberal Death Threats Against Trump Aide Cost Govt. $2M Per Year

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt has received an unprecedented amount of death threats, requiring a 24-hour security detail, according to an editorial published in the Wall Street Journal.

The paper revealed the EPA has received more than 70 “credible threats against EPA staffers, with a disproportionate number menacing Administrator Scott Pruitt and his family,” since President Donald Trump took office.

“Reform in Washington is always difficult, but at the Environmental Protection Agency it’s also dangerous,” the WSJ editorial board wrote. “The EPA responded by beefing up his security detail, but Mr. Pruitt’s political opponents are now trying to hold these warranted precautions against him.”

Credible threats from liberal opponents have resulted in the EPA’s inspector general’s office recommending 24/7 security detail for Pruitt, which is costing taxpayers $2 million per year.

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