See Where YOUR Congressman Stands On Proposed Bump Stock Ban

As Democrats renew calls for their GOP colleagues to consider bills banning bump stocks, 11 Republicans have explicitly come out in opposition to any form of regulation on the devices.

Nearly half of all lawmakers — 258 members from both sides of the aisle — have said they support some form of regulation.

Roll Call tracked down each member’s position on regulating the rifle attachments, which were found on 12 of the rifles in the hotel room from which Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock killed 58 concertgoers and wounded more than 500 earlier this month.

Republicans who support some sort of regulation include House Speaker Paul D. Ryan and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson. Every member of Democratic leadership supports an outright ban. It remains uncertain where 264 lawmakers stand on regulating bump stocks and similar equipment. Shortly after the Las Vegas shooting, many said they were considering where they stood — but have not updated their positions since.

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