Congress’ Facebook-Shaming Undermines The Constitution

Earlier this month, Facebook provided Congress with copies of 3,000 Russian-bought online ads as part of an investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election. Company officials are expected to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in November, much to the delight of those who just can’t accept Hillary Clinton lost.

Still reeling from Clinton’s drubbing by President Trump, Democrats have found their scapegoat: “Russian interference.” Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) warns against political ads “that would drive interest toward stories and groups” to “sow chaos and drive division in our country.” Apparently, $10,000 worth of Facebook ads undid the billion-dollar Clinton machine.

The Russia investigation has reeked of sour grapes for months. Nearly one year later, there is still no discernible link between possible Russian meddling and the final outcome of the election, when President Trump won nearly 63 million votes and carried states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to victory.

Would Democrats even care about Russia if Clinton had won? Of course not. They certainly didn’t care about the multimillion-dollar gift the Clinton Foundation received before she sold U.S. uranium to Russia as Secretary of State. Of course, this same party ridiculed Mitt Romney for claiming Russia was our “number one geopolitical foe” back in 2012, only to defend him now because it’s convenient.

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