Liberal Comedians Aren’t Helping The Victims Of Sunday’s Shooting

In an emotional opening to his show Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel cried as he spoke about the shooting in Las Vegas. He pointed out that the shooter was a seemingly normal accountant with no arrest history or mental problems and because of this, the gunman was able to legally obtain weapons.

“Second Amendment, I guess,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel described semiautomatic weapons as “weapons designed to kill large numbers of people,” as if anyone who owns one is a potential mass murderer lying in wait, and then located his real targets, Republicans.

He brought up a bill President Trump signed in February ostensibly making it easier for people with mental illness to buy guns. The bill, which was supported by that little known conservative organization the American Civil Liberties Union, as well as a host of disability groups, corrected an Obama-era wrong that tied being able to handle Social Security finances to gun ownership.