Puerto Rican Refugees Could Turn Florida Blue

Aibonito (Puerto Rico) (AFP) – Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico looks likely to trigger a major wave of migration to Florida, which could push the politically important US state to the Democratic side, analysts said Sunday.

That’s how it look for Franchesca Rivera, a 32-year-old schoolteacher who teaches in Aibonito, a town in the center of Puerto Rico that has been destroyed by the hurricane.

“If I do not start classes, I need income. So I’m going to go first with the kids and then my husband. If classes do not start, I’ll leave in a month,” says Rivera, whose house was among the few standing after the megastorm.

Her three and seven year old sons run around amid what were the chicken farms and Easter flower farms key to Aibonito’s economy. They were wiped off the map by Maria.

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