Fear And Loathing: Media’s Hatred Of Trump EXPOSED

From Charlottesville to Hurricane Irma, the liberal media are determined to leverage the tragedy of the day to inflame the American people against President Trump. In Irma’s wake, CNN decided to shift coverage from the hurricane’s havoc to politics, attacking the president’s stance on climate change. One CNN headline read: “Trump dismisses climate change questions by contradicting himself on hurricanes.”

After Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston, MSNBC criticized Trump for visiting the city too soon — despite blaming President George W. Bush for visiting New Orleans too late after Hurricane Katrina. Other outlets blasted first lady Melania Trump for wearing high heels on the plane to Houston (she changed into sneakers on the ground). I don’t recall the same media outrage at Michelle Obama for sending fundraising emails during Hurricane Sandy or wearing $540 shoes to a food bank.

But let’s be honest: Who really believes the media would be satisfied by anything when it comes to this White House? And that’s the problem.

After the deadly Charlottesville attack, mainstream news outlets attacked the president for not condemning white supremacy fast enough or strong enough, despite doing so the same day and on several occasions in the days that followed. A typically biased CNN headline described his initial statement on Charlottesville — which condemned “hatred, bigotry and violence” — as “incredibly unpresidential.” Presumably, President Obama’s refusal to condemn radical Islam after numerous terrorist attacks — from Benghazi to Orlando — was incredibly presidential.

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