Barack Follows Hillary, Cashes In On Wall St. Speeches

Former President Barack Obama is under scrutiny for giving paid speeches to Wall Street, something that painted former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a negative light in the 2016 election.

Though previously unreported, it was soon discovered that Obama spoke before Carlyle Group LP last week and, prior to that, made an appearance at Northern Trust Corp. for $400,000. Another speech is scheduled for September 25 in front of brokerage and investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald. Obama will also receive $400,000 for the appearance.

Some reacted to the news by making the case for Obama’s speeches while others harshly criticized the close relationship, calling it the “Crooked Hillary Circuit.”

Clinton was heavily criticized during the election after giving paid speeches to Wall Street and refusing to disclose the transcripts to the public. One of her speeches was leaked and posted to WikiLeaks. In her new book, “What Happened,” Clinton wrote that she regretted the speeches as they made her appear in Wall Street’s pockets.

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