Here’s Where China Stands on War in Korea

China recently announced through a state-run newspaper that it will not come to North Korea’s aid if the communist country starts a fight with the United States, but would intervene if Washington struck first.

The announcement was made through The Global Times newspaper. According to The Washington Post, experts said the news outlet is not an official mouthpiece of China’s communist government, but does reflect government policy in the editorial for this announcement. Experts labeled The Global Times as “semiofficial,” according to The Washington Post.

In the Friday editorial, China urged both Pyongyang and Washington not to escalate the tensions between themselves, or create any more instability in the Korean Peninsula. It noted, however, that it has been unable to persuade either side to de-escalate up to this point.

Beijing said it will intervene in order to protect its own interests, if this “reckless game” is continued, and a fight breaks out that no one wants.


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