Main Victims of Illegal Gangs Will Surprise You

The ongoing crackdown on the brutal Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang at the hands of President Donald Trump’s White House will likely benefit the Latino community in the United States by keeping them safe from the villainous group–which has mostly plagued other Hispanics–suggest local and federal law enforcement officials.

Nevertheless, some Latinos and mainstream media outlets have criticized the Trump Administration’s efforts to eradicate the criminal group, indicating that it will strengthen MS-13 and drive illegal immigrant victims further into the shadows.

CNN’s “Republican” pundit Margaret Hoover even argued that by vowing to support law enforcement efforts to destroy the MS-13 gang last Friday, President Trump blatantly appealed to “white nationalists.”

Various U.S. law enforcement officials at the local and national level have pointed out that the violent Latino gang primarily targets other Hispanics.


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