Fake News Godfather Gomes Back To Go After Trump

Dan Rather, the former CBS News anchor who resigned in disgrace following a retracted hit piece on George W. Bush, has resurrected his career in the Trump era as a consistently harsh critic of the president.

Rather, once again a recurring figure on television, is often found making grave statements about Trump’s Russia ties and battles with the media. Much like the president, Rather has had success at grabbing headlines with emotional and often alarmist social media posts. Rather regularly (sometimes multiple times a day) crafts emotional, anti-Trump Facebook posts that go viral thanks in part to a tense media environment centered around the president.

In August 2016, roughly four months before the election, Rather went on what USA Today described as an “epic Facebook rant” after Trump said the “Second Amendment people” would keep Hillary Clinton from abolishing the Second Amendment. Many in the media portrayed that comment as a threat. Rather’s Facebook post — in which he urged journalists to abandon objectivity in covering Trump — received approving coverage in the media.

“Former anchorman Dan Rather has issued a challenge to his colleagues,” is how CNN’s Brian Stelter described Rather’s screed against objectivity. Stelter added that Rather seemed to be “agreeing with what a number of media critics have argued recently: That Trump cannot be covered and treated like a ‘normal’ Republican or Democratic candidate for president.”


Originally published by the Daily Caller.