Trump Security Chief Promises Dems Deportations

Homeland Security chief John Kelly told Democratic legislators that legal advisers say former President Barack Obama’s DACA amnesty will likely be wiped out by a pending lawsuit, and he urged them to pass an immigration reform to keep the amnesty alive.

That is huge news for immigration reformers because a legal wipeout of the 2012 “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” amnesty for younger illegal aliens would pressure Democrats to accept pro-American immigration reforms.

The reforms could include mandatory use of the E-verify system to block company hiring of illegals, a reduction to the annual inflow of 1 million legal immigrants and 1 million contract workers (such as the H-1B white-collar professionals), plus extra funding for the border wall. President Donald Trump has already sketched out plans for a “merit-based” reform that could help raise the productivity and income of Americans, especially the four million young Americans who join the labor market each year.


Originally published by Breitbart.