This Real Indian Has A Chance To Defeat Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts Election

Shiva Ayyadurai has done an A+ job trolling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who he’s challenging in 2018. He even mailed her a DNA kit for her birthday to prove her Native American ancestry that she famously claimed while being a professor at Harvard University.

Behind the tweets, where he declares that “only a real Indian can defeat the fake Indian,” is a thoughtful campaign centered around changing education reform and more government accountability.

During a conversation with Red Alert Politics, Ayyadurai said that he believed America was at a crossroads of another golden age created by science and technology.

“Science and technology has always moved history forward,” the Republican candidate said. “If you looked at what the founders were about, they were part of the scientific revolution. The creator put in place natural laws and we should use our reason to discover that. Technology and science give us more truth, freedom, and health.”

Originally published by Red Alert Politics.