Missouri Takes Action Against Minimum Wage Disasters

Missouri’s Republican Gov. Eric Greitens is set to allow House Bill 1194 to pass that will prevent any city in Missouri — including St. Louis — from having a municipal minimum wage that is higher than $7.70 an hour.

In announcing his decision, Greitens cited a study that shows the increased minimum wages in Seattle have hurt the city’s businesses and workers.

Greitens has refused to sign the bill, however, sending the bill to Missouri’s Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft for authentication after 15 days have passed from the legislatures approval of the bill. Under Missouri’s constitution, this means that the bill will take effect without Greitens’ signature.

St. Louis’ municipal minimum wage is currently $10 an hour, and was set to increase from $10 to $11 in January 2018.  Greitens said St. Louis’ plan would only hurt businesses, and that bigger paychecks will not come at the hands of government intervention.


Originally published by The Blaze.