TSA Fails Major Security Check

Transportation Security Administration agents at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in Minnesota were found to have failed 95 percent of the security tests put to it by “Red Team,” a group of auditors disguised as everyday passengers that work for the inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security.

According to KVRR-TV, “Red Team” went into the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in late June with a collection of banned items that are not supposed to be allowed on airplanes. KVRR said that the items should have easily been noticed by TSA agents during typical security checks, including “explosive devices, fake weapons, and drugs.”

However, Red Team reported to Fox affiliate KQDS that 17 out of 18 times, the team was able to sneak past the contraband items without any trouble. The team said they had to stop the tests when the failure rate reached 95 percent, though they did not explain why.

Red Team handed this report to KQDS the day before the July 4 weekend. Some 3.5 million passengers were expected to fly out of MSP that weekend.

Originally published by The Blaze.