US Sends Heavy Firepower Over To Europe

The U.S. is sending a pair of nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers from their base in Missouri to England on a short-term mission in a show of support to U.S. allies overseas, according to the U.S. European command.

The $2 billion batwing aircraft are flying from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri to Royal Air Force Fairford, in the United Kingdom, in what a EUCOM statement described as “recurring bomber assurance and deterrence operations.”

U.S. B-52 and B-1 bombers are already forward-deployed to take part in a large military exercise in the Baltic Sea involving 14 nations called BALTOPS, and another exercise dubbed Saber Strike.

“These B-2 Spirits will not support Exercises BALTOPS or Saber Strike and will only remain in theater a short time,” the statement said. “These missions are representative of the U.S. commitment to our Allies and enhancing regional security.”


Originally published by the Washington Examiner.