Obama Continues Reckless Attacks on Trump

Former President Barack Obama resumed attacks on President Donald Trump Wednesday, continuing an unprecedented level of critiques from a former president.

The former president recently warned the public about the “appeals of authoritarianism” and cautioned people looking for “control and certainty” to pursue a leader who “suggested rolling back the rights of others.” Obama made the statements in a Montreal speech earlier this week, according to CNN.

Obama made a striking break with historical precedent when he openly opposed the president, marking the shortest amount of time any former president openly criticized the current administration. Former President Jimmy Carter took second place, with only a year.

The former president is developing a long history of criticizing Trump’s actions. He started only two weeks into the new administration by using a spokesman to slam the president’s executive order that severely limited travel from seven nations that had substantial connections to terrorism.


Originally published by the Daily Caller.