Trump Supporting Group Blasts Comey in TV Ad

A pro-Trump organization has announced plans to run an ad on national television attacking former FBI Director James Comey while he testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

The Great America Alliance, an organization that supports the president but is not affiliated with him, is running an ad reminiscent of a campaign attack spot, accusing Comey of putting “politics over protecting America.”

“As head of the FBI, James Comey put politics over protecting America,” the ad’s narrator says. “After the FBI banned terms like radical Islam for political correctness, Comey allowed the dangerous practice to continue. When terror attacks were on the rise last year, Comey was consumed with election meddling, and after he testified before the US Senate, Comey’s own staff admitted some of his answers were flat out wrong.”

It ends with: “James Comey, just another DC insider only in it for himself.”



Originally published by the Washington Examiner.