Bernie Sanders Is Officially A Hypocrite

Who knew trashing “millionaires and billionaires” was so lucrative: socialist darling Bernie Sanders made $1 million in 2016.

The Senator from Vermont, who nearly beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary, turned his grassroots energy into cold hard cash—largely through book deals.

In 2016, Sanders inked a deal to write a book called Our Revolution, espousing many of his far-left socialist talking points: income inequality, crippling debt, and the lost American Dream. He netted $795,000 as an advance for the book.

Sanders also pulled in $63,750 as an advance for his upcoming children’s book, Bernie Sanders’ Guide to the Revolution, because it’s never too early to start monetizing liberal children.

For his previous books and spoken word albums, Sanders made $9,256 in royalties. And as a sitting U.S. Senator, Sanders also pulled in $174,000 as his taxpayer-funded salary.

All in all, his 2016 total income came to $1,042,006—making Sanders a bona fide 1%er.


Originally published by American Action News.