Trump’s FBI Scores Huge Win Against Organized Crime

The Luchese family’s ruling hierarchy and 16 mob associates were charged Wednesday with murder, drug-dealing, extortion and gambling in a massive federal indictment.

Named in the 30-page racketeering case were Luchese street boss Matthew Madonna, his underboss Steven (Wonder Boy) Crea Sr., and consigliere Joseph DiNapoli.

The indictment also charged various mobsters with the murder of a longtime mob hitman and three attempted killings, including a Crea-ordered hit of a Bonanno family associate who disrespected him.

The venerable crime family, in between shootings, peddled cocaine, heroin, prescription opiates and marijuana, charged the indictment — which covered a 17-year stretch beginning in 2000.


Originally published by NY Daily News.