British Socialist Leader Blames “Western Imperialism” For Islamic Terrorism

Jeremy Corbyn is facing a furious backlash over an ‘appalling’ bid to exploit the Manchester bombing for political gain today.

The Labour leader delivered a highly controversial speech in which he claimed that Britain’s foreign policy in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria had ‘fuelled terrorism’.

But senior Tories branded the timing – just four days after 22 people were killed in the suicide bomb and with the injured still being treated in hospital – ‘monstrous’ and ‘appalling’.

They accused the veteran left-winger of ‘buying into the terrorist narrative’, pointing out that attacks by Islamist extremists long pre-dated the military campaigns.

Dismayed Labour politicians also openly admitted the speech was ‘badly timed’ and muddle-headed. They said terrorists hated the UK for ‘what we are’ not ‘what we do’.

Originally published by Daily Mail.