Trump’s Top Spy Reveals How Obama’s Actions Made Nuclear War More Likely

The experiences of Ukraine and Libya have taught other vulnerable countries around the world not to surrender their weapons of mass destruction under pressure from the west, according to Dan Coats, President Trump’s director of national intelligence.

“Unfortunately, the lessons learned have been if you have nuclear weapons, never give them up, because it’s a deterrent from other actors who may want to interfere in your country,” Dan Coats told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “If you don’t have them, get them.”

Coats referred specifically to Ukraine and Libya as cautionary tales for “rogue” and “marginal” states that might feel vulnerable. Ukraine agreed in 1994 to surrender its Soviet-era nuclear weapons stockpile in exchange for a pledgefrom the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia that none of the countries would violate Ukrainian sovereignty.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin sent forces to annex Crimea, a region of Ukraine, and backed a separatist-movement in the eastern part of the country in 2014.

Originally published by the Washington Examiner.