Showdown Between Trump and Mainstream Media

Politico’s Hadas Gold reports that Trump is set to have lunch with network anchors tomorrow, according to sources.

The White House confirmed the lunch. Anchors are changing their broadcast location to accomodate the lunch:

At least one anchor, Scott Pelley, is moving the CBS evening news show from New York to Washington on Wednesday and Thursday partly as a result of the lunch.

MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ — hosted by newly engaged anchors Joe Scarborough and Mika Brerzisnki — will also broadcast from Washington, DC as they announced on set today. These two anchors have a long history with Trump and were initially very complimentary of his bid for the White House.

As of recently, their relationship has soured. This week they┬áresorted to baseless attacks on one of Trump’s top advisors Kellyanne Conway. You can read more about that here to see how she responded.

While the lunch will be “off the record”, it’s guaranteed to be interesting. Given the media’s gift for gab there’s sure to be some leaks of the meetings details. We will follow the developments.

Perhaps the President will ‘eat their lunch’. Stay tuned.
Originally published by Trump Train News.